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Especially when some of these Hublot watches are easily in the largest televised event in the world

Le 12 February 2015, 03:18 dans Humeurs 0

I mentioned that Jean-Claude wasn't a watch maker. This is true, but he is a watch lover. He is living his passion. From large brands to small brands, he has dedicated his professional life to the Swiss watch industry. JCB is also an avid watch collector. The bank holds his treasures, but treasures he has. I was amazed to learn that JCB is one of the new people who bid on those massively expensive AAA Replica Hublot Big Bang Watches UK auctions. In fact, aside from Hublot is his other love. JCB does not wear Patek Philippe watches - he merely collects them. They are precious items, not to be worn. I understand him actually. This is the hallmark of a true collector. Never ruin the corpus of your collection with risky handling. Especially when some of these watches are easily in the million dollar plus range.

When i first wrote about the “Huge Bang! ” back in April, there were no watches to show, only Hublot-branded substitution boards. But now the official Timekeeper for the next two FIFA World Cups has unveiled the official Watch for the same. The Hublot FIFA World Cup watch is a beautifully executed 45mm version of the Hublot Classic Fusion. Note the FIFA World Cup Trophy on the dial. The thing is, though, there will only be 100 pieces, so i think it is safe to say that this is the first but certainly not the last we have seen from Hublot for FIFA.

Incidentally, Hublot’s gummy alligator straps are pretty cool — basically rubber on the inside, alligator on the outside! While these might seem like odd bedfellows, of course they work quite well with Hublot’s “fusion” concept. I can say from experience that the gummy alligator straps have a great feel to them. Personally I’d prefer this watch on a more toned-down black strap!

We already have an in-depth understanding of the footballing world, as Hublot was the first luxury brand to become involved in this field. It is a great honour and an immense pleasure to become the “Official Watchmaker” for the next two FIFA World Cups(TM), and to be a part of the largest televised event in the world.

In summary, it looks like via its sponsorship of the Financial Times, Hublot can lay claim to being the first watch brand to show itself on the Apple ipad. Congrats to Jean-Claude Biver and team for yet again being on the cutting-edge of technology! At the recent 2015 Farmers Open PGA championship, Hublot announced 2013 US Open Champion Justin Rose as its newest ambassador. While Hublot is not new to the concept of famous sports figures as ambassadors – as this is the brand Cheap Replica Breitling Super Ocean Watches UK counts Pelé, Diego Maradona, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Usain Bolt, and many more in its legion of ambassadors – this meant the first time Hublot had entered the lucrative sport of golf and got a champion to join its ambassadors' ranks.

While the event was certainly highly scripted, what was not and felt genuine was Justin's candid and kind demeanor. Also, both Matt and Justin Rose seemed to be genuinely passionate fans of the brand while sporting their Hublot watches with pride and affection. I got a chance to talk to each of them, and although the conversation was short, it became clear to me that Justin Rose had personally acquired his watch as a present to commemorate his win in Dubai – and that was when he discovered the brand, actually before Hublot approached him. A similar situation transpired with Matt who perhaps acquired the watch-bug via his other ball-player colleagues in the locker room.

In a different way and you see a totally different side of Hublot watches are simply phenomenal

Le 12 February 2015, 03:14 dans Humeurs 0

Hublot’s building is quite literally the shape of a box. Square and black, it feels like a suitable, complimentary look to house the brand’s activity. The Hublot’s black box is surrounded by green. There is very little industrial about farmland. Forget that most of Switzerland feels like farmland. I am reminded by the Robin William’s movie, {}. If you recall the movie, you’ll know what I mean.

Like a teenager, JCB loves his iPhone and Facebook. He spends a good deal of his day on his computer answering e-mails and is never apart from his phone. He honestly makes his job look easy and relaxed — sitting in a relatively unpretentious office with his wheat-field view smiling at the computer. While his job isn’t easy, he has it down to a system. He’s polished the art of running a watch brand, and the business as a whole. JCB makes sure Hublot isn’t a bloated company with lots of wastes space, time, and people. Carefully, Jean-Claude adds roles and employees when they are honestly needed, Hublot is a lean company Replica Brands Watches Sale For UK helps it be so agile, with highly active employees. No wonder boss Biver doesn’t need to babysit.

Yes that’s right — a red-tinted sapphire crystal. Rolex Milguass Green you got nothing on this! Who among you will deny that Hublot is making some bad-ass watches lately? In particular its position as official timekeeper of FIFA World Cup and Formula 1 have yielded incredible results thus far — both in terms of watches and exposure for the brand. Let’s face it — even though its website leaves much to be desired, and I am tired of flavor-of-the-month Big Bangs, Hublot’s special edition sports watches are simply phenomenal. Just this week we saw the very cool (unless you are Dutch) World Cup Winners Watch — and now check out this new F1 King Power for Monza.

Superstar sprinter Usain Bolt (whom we spotted wearing a Hublot late last year — before it became ‘official’) recently took part in a charity event organized by the Swiss brand at its Nyon headquarters. Bolt pitted himself against 10 child athletes and in good fun he lost the race to all 10 of them. The result of this was a low price donation by Hublot to the Usain Bolt Foundation, which was set up by the runner to support a number of projects in Jamaica focusing on Replica Omega Seamaster Watches UK Best Sale, health and development and will contribute in particular to actions carried out by “United Way of Jamaica”. Under Hublot, it will still make highly limited, expensive, complex watches Mathias is free to do what he likes best. He is actually much happier now. He remarks his joy for the ability to exercise his passion and get a steady paycheck. An artist through and though, he is also a walking contradiction. Buttet personally speaks his disinterest in wearing watches, but when you see him handle a mechanical wonder that he created, his face lights up in a different way and you see a totally different side of him..